Graphic 45 Desing team 2014 audition

OOOOOwww today is the day , this is my post for be a Graphic 45 dt, i´m so nevous and exited for that and this are my projects , enjoy it!!

Project one a signature book

This is one of my first works with Graphic 45 papers, was really special cause was for a very important person to me , hope u like it

and the video hihih

Project 2 The Magic of Oz mini album

My prefer film and i love to do this album, enjoy it!!

And the video !!

 Project 3 the chair

This is a reconstructed child´s chair, in transformaciones you can see some steps of my work and here is the final project finish, hope you like it!!

Project 4 Mama goose mini baby album

This is a mini album with mama goose collection, hope u like it!!

Proyect 5 ladie´s secreter

WOw this is my prefer cause this collection is amazing and cause is for my mum and work for somebody how u love is really good, and i did one of the things that i like build something from zero only with chipboard and imagination, ok see the project and have fun!!

Proyect 6 crishtmast cards

Two cards with love

Project 7 the box

This i a building from zero for one of my crazy girls!!!

That´s all folks!!!!!

See u soon and really lucky for all!!!

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  1. Buenos dias, dios que cantidad de cosas y tan preciosas todas, me a encantado visitar tu blog y ver estas preciosidades, te deseo mucha suerte, bssss

  2. Gracias Beatriz!!! me encanta que te guste!!!!

  3. María!!! te iva a desear suerte pero no la necesitas...los trabajor preciosos mi princess!!!!
    Mil besos de tu Tati

  4. Todas espectaculares, pero me quedo con el secreter, me tiene enamorada. Muacs! y mucha suerte

  5. Graciasss chicas!!! Tatiiii q n queda naaa

  6. Son unos trabajos increibles, lo mejor la atencion al detalle. Me ha encantado ver las fotoa del proyecto de la silla desde cero.Soy tu fan, serias una acertada candidata para representar a cualquier marca de scrapp, en este caso Graphic 45 . Mucha suerte

  7. Oh, you are just full of good things. Such attention to detail, positively a delight to view. Keeps smiling and creating

  8. Thanks fairyrocks is a pleasure for me read this things!!! Thanks for ur visit

  9. Nice projects you have here... Best of luck!!! Cheers!!!

  10. Thanks katie!!! I need a lot luck but... I will try!!!

  11. María, beautiful projects! Thank you for sharing your amazing talents with Graphic 45 design team. -Charee

    1. Thanks for this opportunity, and for comment!!


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